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Either it is patched or they still dont know how to do it. sorry cause i wanna do it to cause im level 31 and 1st prestige lol

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Q: Is the code to unlock 15 prestige on black ops?
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What is the code to unlock derr rise on black ops?

There is no code. You can only get it by buying hardened or prestige edition.

What is the code on black ops to unlock the zombies level?

It has yet to come out, since the call of duty: black ops hardened prestige edition is not out.

How do you unlock prestige in black ops?

You get to level 50

What is the prestige code for black ops?


What happens on black ops for when you get the 15th prestige level on black ops for Wii?

you unlock more emblems

When do you unlock gold camo in black ops?

You unlock gold camo in black ops, when you reach prestige level 14, level 25.

What do you use the black ops 2 tokens for?

To unlock prestige rewards

How do you unlock prestige hard core in black ops?

P3 ynvscorpio

What happens at 14th prestige in black ops?

you unlock gold camo for your gun and your one prestige away from 15th prestige

How do you unlock things in prestige in black ops?

When it says unlocked at prestige level: you need to prestige that many times and there are 15 prestiges

How do you unlock de riese on cod black ops?

You buy the Prestige or hardened edition of Call of Duty Black Ops.

Is there a code for black ops on ps3 for 15th prestige?