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Go to the computer in the main menu and type in 3ARC UNLOCK to get "Five" and "Dead Ops Arcade" you have to buy prestige or hardened maps to unlock even more maps.

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Q: What is the code to get all maps for zombies in black ops?
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What is the code to unlock the maps in black ops harden edition?

The codes are all one time use for old zombies maps.

Do you have to get the black ops harden addition for zombies?

no, all the black ops come with zombies but prestige and hardened just come with the old nazi zombie maps and the new black ops maps

What is the call of duty black ops limited edition zombies code?

It unlocks all the old zombie maps from call of duty world at war.

How do you unlock all 7 maps in zombies in Black Ops?

you don't. you have to buy them

What are all the cheats for black ops zombies?

Well there is a glitch to get double points and a a rock glotch and i know how to do them all and for all the maps even the first stike map pack for the maps online and zombies

What are all the modes on Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies?

They have a bunch of new modes, which not all have been released, but we do know that they have released these ones below. (Subject to change over time)Zombies Campaign (You learn about the story behind the zombies)Classic Zombies (all the first maps from Call of Duty World at War Zombies)Zombies (New zombie maps, and maps from the original Black Ops)Team Survival (8 players split into teams of four. Team with the most points wins up until the last man standing.)

Do waw map packs work on black ops?

There is a Map pack for black ops called rezurrection and it includes all of the zombies maps in call of duty world at war. also with a new black ops zombies map called moon. although, in the map pack, there is no new multiplayer maps.

What is Call of Duty Black Ops password?

If you are talking about the computer after you get out of the chair, it is DOA. This unlocks all the new Zombies maps.

What is the code for all zombie maps in black ops?

3arc unlock

What does 3arc unlock code unlock on cod black ops?

3arc is used to gain access to the 'five' zombie map, if you haven't completed the campaign.

What are Germans called in call of duty black ops zombie mode?

They are nazi zombies but not all the zombies are germain. There are many zombie maps for a total of 11 in Black Ops including the 4 WAW zombie maps in the DLC Rezurrection that also includes the Zombie Map Moon the zombies in WAW and Black Ops are the nazi zombies except for the ones that are not even germain. The are also other call of duty games and only the Treyarch developed games have zombies for only some platforms. The Modern Warfare series does not have zombies

In call of duty black ops is there nazi zombies?

Yes there is a zombies mode and there are extra zombie maps in DLCs for the PS3 PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Not all the zombies are Nazi zombies from the WAW game , but not even all those were only Nazi Zombies and also included Japanese Zombies. Those WAW maps are reworked and available under the Rezurrection DLC and also a new map called Moon.