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No, you can not do splitscreen.

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Q: Is the Dead Rising 2 co-op splitscreen?
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Is dead rising 2 case zero coop?

No it will not. Dead Rising 2 will have 2 player co op though, which is awesome.

Does Dead Rising 2 have coop mode?

Yes but it is online only

Why is dead rising 1 but not dead rising 2?

Dead rising 2 & 1 is on the PS3 and the XBOX360 followed by Dead rising 3 is coming out soon

When will the dead rising 2 demo come out?

no but Dead Rising 2 Case Zero was made as a demo for Dead Rising 2

Is dead rising 2 on PS3?

Dead Rising 2 will be released for PS3 in 2010.

How do run fast on dead rising 2?

There is no way of running on Dead Rising 2

How do you wear the psycho suit in Dead Rising 2?

how do you get the psycho suit in dead rising 2

Should you buy Formula 2010 or Dead Rising 2?

yes dead rising 2

Is dead rising 1 or 2 better?

Dead rising 2 has better graphics and sound but the 1st dead rising has easier missions so really its your decision but i like dead rising 2 much better good luck deciding

Is there a co-op mode on Dead Rising?

No, but there will be one for Dead Rising 2.

Do you always have a timer on dead rising 2?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of the timer in Dead Rising 2.

Is dead rising 2 two player?

Yes Dead Rising 2 will be an online multiplayer game.