Is dead rising 1 or 2 better?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dead rising 2 has better graphics and sound but the 1st dead rising has easier missions so really its your decision but i like dead rising 2 much better good luck deciding

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Q: Is dead rising 1 or 2 better?
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Why is dead rising 1 but not dead rising 2?

Dead rising 2 & 1 is on the PS3 and the XBOX360 followed by Dead rising 3 is coming out soon

Which ones better halo reach or dead rising 2?

Halo Reach is the BOMB compared to Dead Rising 2.

Is frank in dead rising 2?

No, only in DR2: Case West, and Dead Rising 1.

What game is better left for dead 2 or dead rising 2?

Call of duty - Black ops

Which is better dead rising 2 case zero or dead rising 2?

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is nothing more than a prologue to the Dead Rising 2 game. It gives the backdrop as to how the main character, Chuck Greene, ended up in the situation he is in with his daughter Katey. In all respects, Dead Rising 2 would be the better game to purchase, since Case Zero is a downloadable game on the xbox live marketplace, and not a game that can be purchased in stores.

When will the dead rising 2 demo come out?

no but Dead Rising 2 Case Zero was made as a demo for Dead Rising 2

Is left for dead 2 better then dead rising 1?

it depends on your style dead rising is a open world game with humans to kill aswell as zombies but left for dead 2 has special zombies like jockies which make it a whole lot more fun but it's your decision in the end also dead rising is for horror likers and l4d2 is more of team work zombie killing

Is dead rising 2 co op?

Dead Rising 2 has a co op option.But not a whole diffrent co op story.Their is just 2 people.Chukc 1 and Chukc 2

Is dead rising 2 on PS3?

Dead Rising 2 will be released for PS3 in 2010.

How do run fast on dead rising 2?

There is no way of running on Dead Rising 2

What game is better call of duty black ops or dead rising 2?

Battlefield bad company 2

How do you wear the psycho suit in Dead Rising 2?

how do you get the psycho suit in dead rising 2