Is dead rising 2 two player?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes Dead Rising 2 will be an online multiplayer game.

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Q: Is dead rising 2 two player?
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Is dead rising 2 case zero coop?

No it will not. Dead Rising 2 will have 2 player co op though, which is awesome.

Can you do 2 player online on dead rising 2?

Yes, you can.

Does dead rising 2 case zero require the original game to play or can you just play this without owning dead rising?

No, it is a like a bigger demo to dead rising two, not a expansion to dead rising one

Is dead rising 2 player?

No the American and Japanese version our not two players but chop till you drop looks pretty good.

Why is dead rising 1 but not dead rising 2?

Dead rising 2 & 1 is on the PS3 and the XBOX360 followed by Dead rising 3 is coming out soon

When will the dead rising 2 demo come out?

no but Dead Rising 2 Case Zero was made as a demo for Dead Rising 2

How do you join a persons game through xbox live on the game dead rising 2 case 0?

You cannot. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is a single player game.

How do run fast on dead rising 2?

There is no way of running on Dead Rising 2

Is dead rising 2 on PS3?

Dead Rising 2 will be released for PS3 in 2010.

Can you play two players in dead rising 2?

Yes but only online

How do you wear the psycho suit in Dead Rising 2?

how do you get the psycho suit in dead rising 2

Should you buy Formula 2010 or Dead Rising 2?

yes dead rising 2