Are there cheat codes for dead rising 1 or 2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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theres no cheat codes.

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Q: Are there cheat codes for dead rising 1 or 2?
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Why is dead rising 1 but not dead rising 2?

Dead rising 2 & 1 is on the PS3 and the XBOX360 followed by Dead rising 3 is coming out soon

Will dead rising 3 be out on Xbox 360?

No. Dead rising 3 will only be on the Xbox 1.

Is frank in dead rising 2?

No, only in DR2: Case West, and Dead Rising 1.

Cheat codes for 1 on 1?

igi 1 code

Where can you find the Harry Potter years 1-4 character cheat codes?

There aren't any cheat codes for characters.

Are there cheats for dead rising 1?


Cheat codes for Resident Evil 2?

They doesn't exsists! Only if you have your Playstation Enhancer in.

Is dead rising 1 or 2 better?

Dead rising 2 has better graphics and sound but the 1st dead rising has easier missions so really its your decision but i like dead rising 2 much better good luck deciding

How do you enter cheat codes on roar?

To enter cheat codes on Roar CBBC, 1. You have to go on your account 2. Click the button "Enter the park" 3. And finally you'll see on the top "Cheat Codes" Find cheat codes on the CBBC Roar Message Board

Is there cheat codes for bloons tower defence 1?


What are the cheat codes for super brawl 1?

there are none

Are there cheat codes for Kunoichi Kaos 1?

No, there are not any.