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silverlight is only good against demons... but a rune scimitar is still better... silverlight is only good for the quest after that its just like a comodity

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Q: Is silverlight a good sword in RuneScape?
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How do you get the sword silverlight in RuneScape?

You have to do the demon slayer quest and near the end a person gives it to you to defeat the demon with it for silverlight. to get the blurite sword you have to do the knights sword. And you have to defeat the demon with the silverlight...

What do you say for the incantation?

In the Demon Slayer Quest on runescape you have to get the incantation for it at the start in Gypsy Aris's tent. She tells you that you need silverlight (the sword) and the incantation.

In RuneScape how do you get a silverlight sword after finishing the quest shadow of the storm i already tried asking sir prysin he says there the same thing?

You buy it from Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle for 500gp

What is better on runescape a silverlight bluritesword or adamant scimitar?

addy scimitar

In runescape is it possible to have more than one silverlight?

Yes you can have more then 1 silverlight in the nights room drop silverlight and give him 500gp to get silverlight back then pick-up the one you dropped then you have more then one silverlight. My username is Danielded and i got 11 silverlights from doing this

Is silverlight stronger than an adamant sword?

only against demons

What is the reward for demon slayer on runescape?

The Sword you used to kill the demon with, the sword is good against demons.

Is the sword in knights sword good on runescape?

i wouldn't know if its ggod or not but my brother has the sword and ive played his aac before he sold it and its pretty good but on my acc never used it before.

Which is better in runescape a sword or a long sword?


What is the most coolest sword in RuneScape?

Runescape god swords are in fact for members but the closest weopan you can get to a god sword is the dragon 2h sword. the most expensive god sword is around 50 million gp.

Can you make a blurite sword in RuneScape?

You can make a Blurite Sword in RuneScape as long as you are completing the quest The Knight's Sword. After you complete the quest you cannot obtain the sword again as you cannot trade the item with other players.

How do you do the quest Demon Slayer in RuneScape?

you need at least a mithril armour to prevent dark wizards to attack you. With silverlight , you can kill it by 1 shot. (silverlight is weakness to any demon , including the demon you have to kill in mezler maze when you do dragon slayer.)