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pumpkins are always available in jungle biomes. you can simply find them by just walking around the jungle. emeralds are way much harder to find.

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Q: Is pumpkins rarer than emerald in minecraft?
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What is the most rare ore in Minecraft an how far is it?

The rarest ore in Minecraft is emerald. They are only found in extreme hills biomes and there is on average less than 1 per chunk, making them many times rarer than diamonds.

What is more valuable gold or emerald?

I would say emerald. It's far rarer than gold.

What is the rareness ratio of diamonds to redstone In Minecraft?

Diamonds are about 9 times rarer than redstone.

Are pumpkins rear than diamonds in minecraft?

That depends on how frequent your variations of biomes are. Usually Yes.

What is the rarest ore in Minecraft?

The rarest ore in Minecraft is emerald ore. Emerald ore can only be found in extreme hills biomes and only spawn as an individual rather than in veins. Emerald ore can be mined with an iron or diamond pickaxe.

Are emeralds more expensive than sapphires?

I think Emerald is, Although they say emerald for its rarity and its durability.Diamond is just famous because of Minecraft and its durability.

Where do you find lapis on minecraft?

You can find Lapis Lazuli in a cave or a mineshaft, but im preety sure that you can't pick it up unless you have the 1.2.5 upate for it.

Are pumpkins harder than cantaloupes?

Yes...pumpkins are much harder than cantaloupes because of their stubby stem and cantaloupes do not have a hard shell.

How small are pumpkins when they are growing?

Pumpkins start out even smaller than a green pea, or a navy bean.

Are geckos rarer than a cow?

geckos are more rare than cows.

What is the answer Pat grew 231 pumpkins this year Bob grew 95 pumpkins. How many more pumpkins did Pat grow than Bob?


Is emerald harder than diamond?

No. Diamond is harder than emerald.