Is Roblox or Minecraft more popular?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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minecraft is definitely less popular than Roblox

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Roblox has more visits than Minecraft,Β  as you can see...
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Roblox's most popular game has about 3-4 billion visits.

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Q: Is Roblox or Minecraft more popular?
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Is roblox more popular then minecraft?


Is roblox more popular than minecraft?

No, Roblox is popular but it is not the most popular game on the Internet. There are other games such as Runescape and Farmville which are much more popular. Roblox is still very popular however, and it is growing larger every day.

Is roblox or Minecraft popular ?

Minecraft: about 200M users Roblox: 2.7B users Which is more popular? Yes, yes, Roblox is! Wait it isn’t! They copied their accounts! Minecraft: 185M players Roblox: 160M players millions of roblox players got banned, so they copied their accounts

What is jellys username in minecraft and roblox?

Jelly is a popular YouTuber who streams Minecraft and Roblox

What is the most popular building game in the world?

MINECRAFT or Roblox are both building games.... i recommend minecraft more tho...

Did Roblox copy Minecraft?

No it just seems like it because ts all blocks. So i dont think so. U cant really eo anything in roblox that u can in minecraft

Why does roblox hate Minecraft?

well maybe minecraft is more fun then roblox as minecraft have mods command and stuff to make it funner unlike roblox only can to certain thing and our creativity is limited!

Games with popular boys?

Roblox Minecraft Fortnite

Which one in your opinion is better roblox or Minecraft?

100% minecraft

Is clubpenguin more popular than roblox?

Roblox is 100% more popular. It's obvious.

is minecraft a cooler game the roblox?

in my opinion minecraft is better then roblox

Which came first Roblox or Minecraft?

Roblox was launched in 2005 and Minecraft first came out in 2009. Therefore, Roblox came first.