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Probably but its better to buy it in beta mode because its cheaper and you still get the full version in the end because of the free upgrades.

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Q: Is minecraft going to be a download able game on the 11-11-11 when it comes out as the final product?
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How do you Have Family in Minecraft?

You can download mobs minecraft comes alive

How do you download the minecraft comes alive mod?

Go to youtube and type how do you download the minecraft comes alive mod and there will be a video on it and just follow the instructions.

Is minecraft going to be a downloadable game when it comes out?

It is downloadable. First, download the launcher from Minecraft. Then run it. It will download the game's jar files and other data onto the computer.

How do you update minecraft from 1.3 - 1.4 but when i log in or download a recent form from minecraft .net it still wont download please someone help me?

well minecraft 1.3 comes out some time today and 1.4 probably wont come out for several months and to update you just log in to the launcher and download the update.

How do you get the Minecraft comes alive mod for Minecraft on the computer?

you go download it then run it and put it in your mods folder if this does not work then read the installation instructions because this could be out of date

How do you install Minecraft Comes Alive without forge?

If you download and install a modded launcher such as Technic Launcher you might be able to find a modpack that includes Minecraft Comes Alive. Other than that there isn't any way.

How do you make a server on Minecraft on a mac?

To run a Minecraft Server you will need to download the server software (See links below) and then enter the command... java -cp minecraft-server.jar com.mojang.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer ...into the Terminal. The Read Me file that comes with the Server download explains how to configure the server to your particular needs.

How do you install minecraft on your PC after downloading it off of 4shared?

The real version of Minecraft comes from, you can download the installation file from there, just double click on the exe once downloaded.

What is the name of the plugin for Minecraft?

If you want to play Minecraft in your web browser, you will have to install Java on your computer. Java usually comes with browser plugins that can be used to run Java apps such as Minecraft in your browser. You can download Java from Java's website.

How do you get Minecraft 1.8?

the adventure update can not be downloaded for free you need to own minecraft beta it cost $26.95 once you buy it I suggest you download it on to your browser this makes it simpler to get to play and if you lose your internet connection you can still play may take some time to fully download all the parts you need to play minecraft beta. then every time an update comes out it downloads it.

Are the Humans and Minecraft Comes Alive mods for Minecraft compatible?


Does multiplayer come with Minecraft?

Yes, Multiplayer comes with Minecraft on the PC.