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no system link is console to console in a short amount of cable

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Q: Is it possible to system link two xbox 360s in two different houses?
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How do you system link 2 xbox 360s?

Buy 2 xbox 360s and put a cable between them.

How do you system link 2 Xbox 360s to 1 TV?

Haha you can't...

Do Xbox 360s play playstation 2 games?

No, its a totally different format.

Can Xbox games be played on windows7?

No because XBOX and XBOX 360s are different from Windows 7.

I have the older white one and he has the newer black one. How can you get to two Xbox 360s to connect to Xbox Live?

Different tvs and different accounts

Can all Xbox 360s use live?

All 360s can connect as long as you have the correct items to connect to xboxlive

Is the xbox 360 s good?

The Xbox 360s console is a great system. The only downfall is that the glossy black case shows fingerprints.

Which has more GB PS3 or Xbox 360?

It depends on the model of each system. Xbox 360s highest GB is 250. PS3 is 250.

Is there a difference between the power supplies for different types of xbox 360s?

No. They all contain the same power flux capacitor units.

What is the Xbox 360 pro and the arcade?

They are different versions of Xbox 360s. The arcade has games that come with it while i think the pro has more memory.

What is the new xbox 360s name?

X360 Slim.

What Xbox can you use Kinect on?

All Xbox 360s.