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No. NTSC games will not work on a PAL Xbox 360.

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Q: Do NTSC xbox 360 games work on pal xbox 360s?
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Can candian xbox360 games work on normal xbox 360?

Yes.... all xbox 360 games work on all xbox 360s unless the game is scratched Answer 2Canadian Games (with the NTSC sign on them) work on all NTSC consoles(North America, and maybe south America) They will NOT, however work in European and Australian Consoles, Which are PAL, not NTSC, sorry

Do Xbox games work on Xbox 360s?

Only if you have the Xbox 360 hardrive and some software.

Can Xbox 360s be adapted to play old Xbox games?

it plays some old xbox games

Can Xbox games be played on windows7?

No because XBOX and XBOX 360s are different from Windows 7.

Will NTSC games work on a PAL?

yah my xbox 360 plays PAL, but Nintendo games are not region-free generally.

Are Xbox originals and Xbox 360s the same thing?

No. Xbox Originals are original games from the first xbox that can be downloaded on your xbox 360

Do Xbox 360s play playstation 2 games?

No, its a totally different format.

Change region on Xbox 360 DVD drive?

Very tough indeed. Not 100% reliable. Better buy your region games only. Also, make sure that if your Xbox is for eg: Ntsc-J, then mostly only Ntsc games will work. Same with Pal etc.

Will an NTSC Xbox 360 Hard Drive work in a PAL Xbox 360 console?


Will a hard drive from a PAL Xbox 360 work in a NTSC Xbox 360?

No you cant, since UK uses PAL encoding system, so it stops people from bringing USA games or equipment for the Xbox 360 to UK or vis versa while USA uses the NTSC encoding system, these codes are encoded into the Xbox 360, American=NTSC UK,Europe=PAL

How do you system link 2 xbox 360s?

Buy 2 xbox 360s and put a cable between them.

Do UK Xbox 360 games work on Irish Xbox 360 consoles?

Yes, they should, both are European region. the regions are Europe, North America and Asia (Japan) this is due to the tv format being either Pal, NTSC, or NTSC-J