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Yes, you can. All Xbox 360 accessories (av cable, ethernet cable, memory unit, controllers, etc.) and games work with all versions of the xbox 360. The only exclusion I know is the HDMI cable which only works with Xbox 360s with built in HDMI port (all xbox 360s versions currently being sold have HDMI ports).

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Q: Can you use a Xbox 360 elite controller with 360 pro system?
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How make a Xbox 360 premium controller work with Xbox Elite system?

you can play any xbox controller on any 360 u bean

Can you use a Xbox 360 controller with an Xbox 360 elite?

Yes you can.

Is there a difference between the xbox 360 elite wireless controller and the xbox 360 wireless controller Can you use a regular Xbox wireless controller with the Xbox Elite?

The only difference is color, so yes, you can use a regular controller with elite console

How do you get the Xbox 360 controller to work with Xbox elite?

The same way you connect it to a regular Xbox 360.

Can you use standard Xbox wireless controller with the Xbox 360 elite?


What is the difference between Xbox 360 elite wireless controller and Xbox 360 wireless controller?

One is Black, the normal wireless controller is White.

Can you play an arcade xbox 360 controller to xbox 360 elite?

all xbox 360 controllers are compatible with all xbox 360s

Do white Xbox 360 controllers work with the black Xbox 360?

The black elite controller will work on any model of xbox 360

Can you play an elite xbox 360 controller on an xbox 360 arcade?

Yes you can. They are all 100% compatible with any Xbox 360 console.

Can you use an Xbox 360 elite controller on a regular Xbox 360?

Yes. Its the same thing except it's black

What is the newest Xbox system?

xbox 360 elite

Can an Xbox controller be used on Xbox 360?

No, the original Xbox controllers are not compatible with the Xbox 360 system.