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No it is not free to download PS2 games unto a PS3. Most PS3 can not even play PS2 games but even the old 4 USB Port PS3s that can play the PS2 games can not download them for free. Even the old PS1 games that the PS3 can play are sold at the PlayStation Store. Sometimes Playstation Plus customers are offered free games that expire with there Playstation Plus membership

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Q: Is it free to download ps2 games into a ps3?
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Can ps2 games be downloaded to PS3?

no you can download just ps3 games on you ps3

How can i convert your ps2 to play PS3 games?

You can not download any quick fix to have a PS3 play PS2 games.

Can you dowload ps2 games to a ps3?

No you can only download games from the Playstation store and they do not have PS2 games

Is there a download for new PS3 to play PS2 games?

No The PS3 can not be changed to have the ability to play PS2 games,. There is no software or hardware you can purchase that with allow a PS3 not designed to Play PS2 games to be able to play them.

Do PS3 games work on a ps2?

yes they do but you need to download some things{:

If you download PS2 data can you play PS2 games on ps3?

No you can not. You can not make a PS3 play a PS2 game if it was not already backward compatibly

Can you download ps2 games and put them on the ps3?

no you can not even download PS3 game except from the Playstation Store

When you download ps2 software for your ps3 does it mean you can play ps2 games?

No it means that the PlayStation network will let you download PS2 software

How do you download ps2 software for PS3?

You don't you can not make a PS3 play PS2 games by downloading software Software is designed to make hardware work and the PS3 does not have PS2 hardware it has PS3 hardware and the PS2 software will not work on the PS3

What is the free download that allows you to play ps2 games in your ps3?

There is no free download. The ps3 is made to allow you to play PS, ps2 and ps3 games all in the same system. Have fun!!! yes. but only some ps3 let u play PS ps2 or DVD my ps3 only lets me play DVD & PS not ps2 don't know why they made it like that but my parants just bot a ramdom ps3 There is no download to enable a person to play PS2 games on a PS3. Only early PS3s with 4 USB ports ever played PS2 games. For the past couple of years all production PS3 consoles made could not play PS2 games. Sony will not ever bring back the ability to play PS2 games in the new machines. See related link on Backwards compatibility from PlayStation

Is ps2 software free at the PlayStation store?

No the PS2 games are not free at the Playstation Store and they are not the original PS2 games but are reworked to Play on PS3 consoles

Can you get your new ps3 chipped to play ps2?

No Sony says if you have a PS3 that will not play PS2 games there is no hardware or software you can purchase to allow it to play PS2 games. Nothing you can download or modify will allow a PS3 to Play PS2 games except for the first models with 4 USB ports