Why don't ps2 games work on my ps3?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Games para PS2 não funcionam em PS3 mesmo, sua BESTA!

because ps2 games are only for ps2 ps3 games are only for ps3 system ps2 games are for ps2 system

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Q: Why don't ps2 games work on my ps3?
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Do Playstation 3 games work on PS2?

the first ps3's played ps2 games but the newer slim ps3's dont allow ps2 games.But Ps3 games do not work on ps2.

Can PS3 games work on the PS2?

A few PS2 games will work on a PS3 if they are the newer games that came out for the PS2. PS3 is more advanced than the PS2 which could play most of the first Play Station's games.

If you rent PS3 will it work on ps2?

If you are talking about games, then nope. Ps3 games do not work on a ps2 systems. The technology is to advanced for the ps2 to read.

What ps2 games work on the ps3 slim?

None the PS3 slim does not play PS2 games

Can PS3 games work on PS2?

No. The PS2 cannot use a PS3 disc.

Can you play Rock Band for PS3 on PS2?

No PS3 games do not work on PS2.

How can you crack a ps2 game to work on a ps3?

PS2 games can not be made to play on a PS3 that does not already play PS2 games

Will ps3 games work on the ps2?

no they do not

Will ps3 games work with a ps2?


Will your rock band for ps3 work with ps2?

No it will not work, PS3 games are not comatible for the PS2 gaming

Does PS3 games work in a PS2?

no but PS2 games work in PS3 They only for work for some game titles on 4 USB port PS3s, most of the PS3s do not play PS2 games.

Do ps2 games work in a PS3?

only on the original ps3