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Vertical, this reduces heat flow through your 360 system, keeping it cooler, reducing chances of red rings of death (RROD).

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Q: Is it better to place an xbox 360 vertical or horizontal?
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Should an Xbox be vertical or orazontle?

... i think you mean horizontal. the Xbox is better to be played horizontal (in my opinion). For one reason it makes it much safer from falling or scratching the disk. I have personally put mine verticle nocked it over and it scratched my disk!

Can an Xbox 360 damage discs?

The xbox 360 can badly damage disks if you tilt the xbox from horizontal to vertical (or vice versa) making them to the point of unreadable

How do you make Xbox 360 split- screen vertical?

You can't choose between vertical and horizontal split screen unless it is an in-game option.

How do you clean a xbox disc?

The Xbox console is equipped with a cleaning system. First, place the disk in the console. Be sure that the console is vertical. Slowly turn your console until it is horizontal. You should be able to hear the cleaning cycle begin.

Do Xbox's 360 turn vertical or horizantal?

Both ways but keeping it horizontal will prevent the disk to become scratched.

Does an Xbox 360 elite have to be horizontal?

There are some people who have had a bad problem with the base if it is set vertical. Check any set up instuctions if you have them. If safe and leave it horizontal.

Can you put your Xbox 360 on its side?

You can put it both ways, just not totally upside down vertical or upside down horizontal.

Will it damage your games if you stand your xbox360 vertical?

No, but if you rotate the console from vertical to horizontal while playing a game you will scratch it, badly. I learned the hard way, the very same day I got my xbox.

How do you change the spit screen view on Halo 2?

vertical put ur xbox on hd horizontal turn it off ,it may be the other way around,

In what position do you put a Xbox 360?

You can have it either horizontal (on its side) or vertical (upright) but when its vertical I tended to put the disc in wrong way, as with my Wii and my brother's PS3 so they are all now horizontal. It is meant to be put on its side.

Can you put a xbox elite vertical?


Is it better to keep your xbox 360 vertical or horizontal?

It really doesn't matter as long as you have your Xbox 360 in a wide open space, free of dust and smoke, on a hard surface such as wood and not near any heat sources such as radiators and cookers. Ive had mine vertically on wood for a while now and ive had no problems what so ever, no scratched discs or overheating and no freezing or lag. Hope this helped.