Can an Xbox 360 damage discs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Xbox 360 can badly damage disks if you tilt the xbox from horizontal to vertical (or vice versa) making them to the point of unreadable

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Q: Can an Xbox 360 damage discs?
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Does Gamestop clean Xbox 360 game disc?

Gamestop will clean some xBox 360 game discs.

If I wipe a Xbox 360 discs data and put a game that isn't a Xbox game on it will the Xbox 360 still recognize it?

it should

Can a 60gb Xbox play Blu-ray?

No. There is no xbox 360 that can play blu-ray discs.

Which Xbox is better Xbox 360 Xbox Pro or Xbox arcade?

I have an Xbox 360 Pro it can play classic Xbox game discs and it comes with a 60G hard drive and mic, the arcade doesnt do any of that.

Will ps2 or Xbox games work on Xbox 360?

You can play original Xbox games on the 360 because it is backwards compatible but you cannot play any other console games on the Xbox 360 because it does not support other discs. There would be no point in other discs if you could play one disc on any console.

Does mortal kombat shaolin monks work on the xbox360?

Since Xbox 360 can play original Xbox discs, yes

Do all Xbox 360 slims scratch disks?

Xbox's will not scratch or 'ring' discs unless tilted when a disc is inserted.

Is the wii able to play xbox 360 discs?

no, The wii is the best the 360 and PS3 is the worst game to ever be invented

Does modding xbox 360 affect the disc?

Modding your 360 does not affect anything in a negative manner. Your original discs will work the same as they did before. -Personal experience from modding XBOX 360 for 3 years.

Can you play xbox 360 game discs on PC?

NO a different file system and language application is used

Can you send of your Xbox 360 to Microsoft if chipped?

No, Xbox does not repair cosmetic damage.

Can cheat codes damage an xbox 360?

no it cant