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It is generally better to let your Pokemon evolve because they will have higher stats and gain stat points at a higher rate. The downside to this is that they also learn moves at a slower rate. If you want to have your Chimchar learn a certain move earlier, you should wait for it to learn that move before evolving it.

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Q: Is it better to let chimchar evolve or leave as chimchar?
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What Pokemon does chimchar evolve into?

Chimchar Evolves into Monferno @ lvl. 14 but when it gets to level 14 let it evolve or it wont learn mach punch.

Should you let chimchar evolve at 14?

it depends on what kinda trainer you are

How did ash get chimchar?

In one of the episodes Paul let Chimchar go and chimchar decided to go with ash and stay with him

How do you evolve ralts into gardevoir?

level up Ralts to 20 let it evolve then and then 30 to Gardevoir. I find it easier if yo let ralts level up to 29(better if you have an everstone) let it evolve then to 30.

What does Leave it to its own accord mean?

It means to let it be, or let it alone or that it will either get better on its' own or not.

Will your Pokemon evolve if you leave them at daycare?

No, you need to have the Pokemon in your possesion. For example, if you leave a, let's say Poochyena, in the daycare and it gets to Lv.18 (which is the level it normally evolves) it will not evolve. You would have to take it out and level it up by one and poof, Mightyena.

When will Riolu evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

it evolves by care, happiness you better not let it faint. it can evolve at lvl 2-99 most riolu evolve at 30-40. GOOD LUCK! HOPE I HELPED ;)

When does chansy evolve?

It will evolve by happiness that means always let it fight never let it faint and soon it will evolve :)

What level does sewaddle evolve if you don't let evolve into swadloon?

if you dont let it evolve at the required level of level 20. itll try to evolve at every level following.

What happens if you don't let your Pokemon evolve?

It won't evolve

Which is better ponyta or Eevee?

Ponyta is better because he learns specifical moves and eevee doesn't, but when you let eevee evolve in one of the seven forms he becomes much stronger.

Should you let your trapinch evolve if you want to open the regi door?

no do not let trapinch evolve raise it to level 41 and he will learn dig