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It won't evolve

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Q: What happens if you don't let your Pokemon evolve?
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How do you get Togepi and then make it a togetic in Pokemon silver version?

give it a sothbell and dont let it die and it will evolve

How do you make azurill evolve in Pokemon Black and White 2?

Friendship. Use it alot, dont let it faint, and heal it when its hurt

What level does sewaddle evolve if you don't let evolve into swadloon?

if you dont let it evolve at the required level of level 20. itll try to evolve at every level following.

How do you evolve your Pokemon on indigo?

you go to my zone and click on my team.At the bottom click on the Pokemon you want to evolve then scroll to the middle and if you are at a high enough level it will let you evolve,just click evolve then you have evolved a Pokemon

How do you evolve your Pokemon after you wouldn't let it?

u raise it another level then it should evolve. if it was with a stone give another one to ur Pokemon

What rock does not let Pokemon evolve?

The item you are thinking of is called the Everstone.

Where would you see a Snorlax on Pokemon diamond?

let munchlax evolve

How do you get mismagius in pokemon pearl?

Get Misdreavus and let it evolve with a Dusk Stone

Can rough let evolve on Pokemon Black?

If you obtain one on Black via trading, it can still evolve normally.

How do you evolve bellsprout in Pokemon global revolution?

let him eat rare candy

Can you get amraldo in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to let it evolve from a Anorith, which you have to revive from a Claw Fossil.

At what level does Psyduck evolve?

33 I used let's find Pokemon 2 since in the front it says how you evolve the old Pokemon from Pokemon red and blue and I tested it and it works