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You have to let it evolve from a Hippopotas, which you can find at the Ruin Maniac's Cave

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Q: How do you get a hippodown in pokemon pearl?
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What type of pokeman is 'hippodown'?

Hippowdon is called the "Heavyweight Pokemon".

What colour is the shiny Ditto in Pokemon diamond and the hippodown?

Blue, like Mew is~

How do you get a hippodown in Pokemon diamond?

you get it after you beat the elite 4 go to the desert and catch one.

Where can you see Pokemon 123 and 4 on Pokemon pearl?

123 is hippodown which you battle against in the elite 4 (the second trainer) and number 4 is chimchar which you can select for your starter but by the way it sounds your pretty far so you'll just have to battle somebody in the game who has it or trade a friend

Were is a 5 crunch in Pokemon ranger shadows alima?

if u are talking about 5 crush, then its garchomp in hippodown temple.

Where do you get regigigas in Pokemon Ranger?

you cannot get it.You can only get it in Hippodown Temple with the 3 regis and go to the quicksand in the maze.

Where can you see a hippopotas in Pokemon platinum?

if you look around in 'ruin maniac's cave' you can find hippopotas , or you can breed a hippodown.

How do you get hippopotas in Pokemon ranger almia?

You have to do the mission where the boy next to the expresso man in Haruba Village sees something in Hippodown Temple.

How do you get Garchomp on Pokemon Ranger shadow of almia?

you get Garchomp by going into hippodown temple after beating Darkrai

How can you get a diamend in Pokemon pearl?

you cant get a diamond on Pokemon pearl but you can get a pearl on diammond ...and pearl.

Where can you find regigas on shadows of almia?

The hippodown temple when you have got all the other Pokemon take the 3 regi's to the temple in a new area then you will fight him

What is Pokemon 147 in pearl?

Pokemon no.147 in the Pokemon Pearl National Pokedex is Dratini.