Is finneon a good Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends if you like it or not.. I like it because it kinda sound funny & i like Lumineon when it evolves, so id say yes it is a pretty good pokemon, but in power not really

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Q: Is finneon a good Pokemon
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How do you get Finneon in pokemon diamond?

You can get finneon in many routes by using the good rod :)

What type of Pokemon is Finneon?

Finneon is a Water type pokemon.

Where do you find the Pokemon finneon on Pokemon platinum?

route 218 (good rod)

How do you find lumenion on Pokemon Diamond?

Get a Finneon by fishing with a good rod at the valley windworks. Finneon evolves into Lumineon at lvl 31.

Pokemon Pearl what does finneon evolve into?

finneon evolves into lumineon

What are the Pokemon numbers 134 and 135 in Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon are Finneon and lumineon. Here is how to see them/catch them. Finneon: You can catch a finneon easily with a good rod in the water at the valley windworks. Lumineon:There is a female trainer in the water on the way to victory road that has a Lumineon if you battle her! ************************************************************************* Hope this helped...

Where do you find a finneon on Pokemon platinum?

Canalave City use good rod.

Which Pokemon can you catch with the good rod in Pokemon pearl?

Well You catch Magikarp, Goldeen, Finneon, Psyduck.

Pokemon Pearl where to find a finneon?

Finneon can be found by fishing with a good rod, on route 218, 219, 220 and 221. Finneon can also be found in places like Canalave Cave and Iron Island, also by using a good rod.

What comes after finneon in Pokemon Diamond?

lumineon (evolded form of finneon)

How do you get finneon on Pokemon Pearl?

go to iron island and use the good or super rod

What Pokemon evolves after finneon?

If you are trying to ask what Finneon evolves into, that would be Lumineon