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Depending on your team, it can be a good addition, since it can learn grass type moves for use against Bertha, the ground Elite four. And its Ice moves are useful against Dragon types. If u already have those types, no need to bring another.

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Q: Is abomasnow a good Pokemon to use for the elite four?
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Is this a good elite four party in Pokemon pearl Abomasnow Lucario palkia magnezone magmortar and mamoswine?

yes that's a perfect one hi .... . . . . . . . .

Is Infernape Giratina abomasnow electabuzz Lucario and floatzel a good team for the elite four in Pokemon platinum?

i think so if there level is high enough you should be fine i would recommend lots of max potions and revives though ^_^

How to defeat the elite four in pokemon LeafGreen?

get some good pokemon with good move

What is a good team to beat the crap out of the elite four?

good Pokemon

What is a good Pokemon to use for the dark specialist in the elite four?

which elite four are you referring to. use bug and fightning move to defeat dark pokemon.

Is abomasnow a good Pokemon?

Abomasnow is a decent Pokemon with well rounded stats and a unique typing that gives it good type coverage. However Abomasnow's unique typing also lets it down by giving it a large number of type weaknesses.

What is a good starting level for Pokemon fighting the elite four?

A good starting level for the elite four is 53-100 because i could not beat it until all of my Pokemon were level 54.

Im battleing the elite four on Pokemon diamond what Pokemon are good to take with you?

when i beat the elite four i took a; infernape arceus leafaon garchomp militoc luxray

What Pokemon do you use against the elite four in fire red?

See question "Is this a good team to beat the elite four"'s answer.

What are some good Pokemon diamond traing spots?

The Elite Four

Is this a good team to beat the elite four on Pokemon emerald?

what is your team?!?!?!

Is your Pokemon team good four the elite four in white?

Well, tht depends on what level your pokemon are and what pokemon you have. All i have to say is that 1. Make sure your pokemon are above level 55 when they battle the Elite Four AND 2. Dont battle with starter Pokemon