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See question "Is this a good team to beat the elite four"'s answer.

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Q: What Pokemon do you use against the elite four in fire red?
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Is a Pokemon that is fighting weak against a Pokemon that is fire in Pokemon FireRed?

yea so dont use one in the elite four

Where to find elite four in Pokemon fire red?

The Elite Four is in the Indigo Plateau.

What is the easyest way to beat the elite four in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no easy way to beat the Elite Four. You have to level up your Pokemon and use the right types of Pokemon against each of the elite four (i.e. don't use a fire-type Pokemon against water-type. Use electric instead). I recommend level 60 or so for the Elites. Good luck!

What is the best starter Pokemon to get for Pokemon pearl?

against the elite four infernape will do very good with its fire type moves but since the first gym is ground it is not so easy to beat it with a fire type. i beat the elite four 6 times with my infernape. the beat moves for it are fire blast and flame wheel

What Pokemon types should you use to beat the Firered Pokemon elite four?

you should use water types because they are strong against fire types

How do you defeat elite four in platinum?

Strong pokemon. Have a fire pokemon, grass pokemon, water pokemon, dark pokemon( psychic are useless against dark) and a lot of revives. I had to buy 60!

What are the best Pokemon for the elite four on Pokemon Stadium?

I would suggest fighting the elite four with a water, fire, ice, rock, electric, and fighting type pokemon.

What are the Pokemon types in the elite four Pokemon y?

The types of pokemon the Elite Four use in Pokemon Y are: Steel, Fire, Dragon, and Water. The Champion uses a variety of types.

What Pokemon do you need for the elite four?

Any Pokemon that is super effective against the elite 4 and I chose a water and steel, grass and ground,dark and ghost, fire and fighting, flying and normal and a psychic type .

Can you defeat the elite four with these Pokemon in fire red?

with what pokemon, i cant answer your question if you dont tell me what pokemon

What are the best Pokemon to have in your party when facing the elite four in Pokemon emerald?

Fire and water are the best combination to beat the elite 4.

What Pokémon should you use against the elite four in Pokemon leafgreen?

your strongest Pokemon