Is a tour guide bad or good?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is a tour guide bad or good?
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How can you be a good tour guide on Club Penguin?

if ur already a tour guide, click on the tour guide thing at the ski village. it will show u how to be a good tour guide.

What are the types of tourist guides?

Types of tour guide are :-1 Rural; tour guide2 Urban tour guide3 Industrial tour guide4 Driver tour guide

What is the career ladder of Tour guides?

On club penguin, non-tour guide to tour guide.

What is a night life tour guide?

A tour guide who comes out at night.

What The ten commandments of tour guide?

ten commandments of tour guide

How do you become a tour guide on Build-a-Bearville?

You have to be a Junior Cybear Guide to get the tour guide move

Where can I find tour guide jobs specifically for business travelers?

You can find tour guides everywhere. Just look at travel agencies and they can provide you with a good tour guide. Or you can use a map yourself and go around yourself.

How do you end a tour guide?

By clicking on your profile and taking of your tour guide hat.

Meaning and classification of Tour guide?

give me an example of classification of tour guide

What first three words are on the club penguin guide book?

the first tree words on the club penguin guide book is tour guide good

What do you think of a tour guide?

I was a tour guide and nobody ever did tour i thought it was kinda lame I just did it for the money.

What tour guide do?

Basically, a tour guide is someone who knows the best tourist places and the whole culture of a certain place. They are also articulate and knows the in and out of the particular place that they are giving the tour of. They should also be people with good communication skills and those that are good customer service skills.