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if you want to be a tour guide you have to now the answers cause they always change

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Q: What are the answers to the tour guide questions?
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What are the answers to the tour guide survey on Club Penguin?

What are the questions? I could answer if i knew the answers.

What are the answers to the questions how to take a tour on club penguin?

Click on Safe Chat Menu, then click on activities, then Give a Tour, you have to be wearing the Tour Guide hat to do this

How do you be come a tour guide answers on club penuin?

You can become a tour guide by being at least 45 days old and going to ski village. When you are at ski village click on the tour guide booth. When you click on it, click on the option to become a tour guide yourself. Finally answer a series of questions. Once you are done answering the questions it will tell you if you passed or not!

What are the answers for become a tourguide in clubpeguin?

I became a tour guide a long time ago so I dont remember the answers. If you said the questions I might be able to help.

Can you give me the answers to becoming a tour guide in club penguin?

you need to get the tour guide hat. go to the tour guide stand and get the book. the hat is in the book.

What is the ansews to the tuors on Club Penguin?

Q: What is the answers to the tours on Club Penguin? A: Well, first wear your tour guide hat. Click on the messages on your bar. Scroll over activities and click on give a tour. After, you can ask them if they have any questions and talk about the room. If you go to the ski village and click on the tour booth, you will get a guide on how to be a tour guide. Have fun!

How do you become tour guide in clubpenguin?

You have to be 45 days old until you can be a tour guide and then you'll have to pass the tour guide test before you can actually become a tour guide. Go to the ski village and you'll see a tour guide stand and click on it. If you are 45 days old you will have to pass a tour guide test. For answers check out What are all the answers to the club penguin tour guide test? on this website. Then you can start being a tour guide by holding up your sing with w (u cant wear anything except your guide hat), and then click on messages, then go on activities and then click on give a tour.

How do you pass the tour guide quiz on club penguin?

You have to answer the questions

What are the duties and responsibilities of a tour guide?

A tour guide must be able to answer all the questions of the customers and be able to provide insightful information on the tour. They must make sure they do not lose tour members.

What are the answers for Club Penguin to be a guide tour?

Newspaper is delivered on thursdays

How do you be a tour guide on Club Penguin?

You have to go to the Ski Village. Then click on the Tour Guide Booth. A page will come up and at the bottom of that page click on Become a Tour Guide. But remember that you have to be 45 Club Penguin days old! or more and just answer questions very hard questions

What are the tour guide anwers on cp?

go to Chrisdog site and look for your answers