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you need to get the tour guide hat. go to the tour guide stand and get the book. the hat is in the book.

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2009-08-01 08:16:56
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Q: Can you give me the answers to becoming a tour guide in club penguin?
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What are the answers to the tour guide survey on Club Penguin?

What are the questions? I could answer if i knew the answers.

What are the answers to the toure guide quiz in club penguin?

u cant

What are the answers for Club Penguin to be a guide tour?

Newspaper is delivered on thursdays

In club penguin what day does the newspapper come out?

The Club Penguin newspaper comes out every Thursday. Good luck becoming a tour guide! ;)

What is the ultimate official guide to club penguin?

It is a guide to Clu Penguin for anyone! Although I've been playing Club Penguin for 2 years, I learned a thing or 2... I hope that answers your question!

All the questions and answers of club penguin the ultimate official guide to Club Penguin?

There are too many to list since there are 240 pages.

How go you upload coins from your ds to Club Penguin for Club Penguin?

Okay. I uploaded coins. What you need to do is download (on the DS) club penguin wireless. It will then guide you through what you need to do. I hope this answers your question.

In Club Penguin how do you get to the ultimate official guide to Club Penguin thing?

the ulitimate guide to club penguin is a book you can find this book and other great club penguin books at toysrus.

The official guide to Club Penguin?

The Official Guide to Club Penguin is a book released by Club Penguin Inc. which contains words that can be entered to unlock secret items on Club Penguin.

Answers to become a tour guide on club penguin?

If u want to be a tour guide then u have to know all about club penguin so and u have to be 45 days old or older and u have to take the quiz.

What are the answers to be a tour guide in club penguin?

you are really dumb if you dont know. just check the map!

What are the answers to unlock items from Club Penguin?

Club Penguin SGary

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