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Yes - the rune chainbody is better.

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Q: Is a rune chainbody better than an adamant platebody?
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In runescape What is better rune chainmail or Adam platebody?

rune chainmail overall, but the adamant platebody has better stab defence.

Is rune chainbody the same defense bonus as rune platebody in rs?

The rune platebody is a very essential part of a f2p runescape player. Any runescape f2p player over level 45 combat should have don't the Dragon Slayer quest, therefore having the right to wear the Rune platebody. For that quest information and any other quest information you need, I suggest strongly to go to link below

Is an iron chain mail better than a bronze platebody?

Iron chain mail provides better protection against slashing attacks due to its flexibility and ability to cover more of the body compared to a bronze platebody. However, the bronze platebody offers superior defense against crushing and piercing attacks due to its solid structure. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the type of combat you anticipate facing.

How do you get rune full easy on RuneScape?

There is no easy way to get Full Rune on Runescape, seeing as if you are new to Runescape, Full counts as Platebody not the chainbody, and to use the Platebody you will need to complete the "Dragon Slayer" Quest.---------------------However money wise, you can just mine Rune Essence until you gain the respected amount of money for it, or just kill hill giants for bones to sell.

What the difference between rune pickax and adamant pickax?

the rune is better

What should you use instead of dragon platebody or chainbody?

Dragon plate body and chain body are both pretty expensive pieces of armor but a good idem is fighters torso i know your thinking you have to do some dumb mini-game but the torso is very good it is better than a rune platebody and is the only plantebody that gives a strength bounes other than bandos platebody which costs around 20M-26M

Rune platebody gold trim Rune platebody trim zamorak platebody guthix platebody saradomin platebody Rune platebody Gilded run?

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How much is a full rune helm a rune chainbody and rune platelegs?

onehundred and seven k or 107k

What is fractite platebody?

It's a tier 5 platebody in RuneScape, with bonuses similiar to a Rune platebody. It is only available while Dungeoneering.

What is the best platebody on Rnescape?

Third age / Torva (members) or Rune platebody (free-play).

Buy guthix platebody?

dont buy guthix platebody it has the same stats as a rune platebody guthix zammy and sara are a waste of money

How do you dig the gold mines?

with an addy chainbody, rune axe and a shovel