Is a pokeball real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I wish..

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Q: Is a pokeball real
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A real pokeball to catch a real Pokemon you saw?

no such thing

Will there be a real pokeball?

yes you can shopping pokeballs in belgium and pokemon's are real

How do you get a real pokeball?

Pokeballs are not real. They are ficticious tools used by people in the Pokemon franchise such as the games and TV series. You can get a model or toy of a Pokeball on Amazon or EBay.

What is an fushugi ball?

its not a real ball. i put pokeball cheats on my Pokemon platinum to get every pokeball and that wasnt one of them.

Can you have a pokeball?

in game and real life.yes.u can buy them at target

I need A real pokeball to catch a real Pokemon?

theres no such thing as real Pokemon or poke balls

How do you make a real pokeball?

Rewrite the laws of physics. Good luck.

How do you get Rayquaza without a pokeball?

There is no real method of doing so, the only way of getting Rayquaza is to capture it (using a Pokeball) in Ruby/Saphire/Emerald.

Can anyone make a real life Pokeball?

Of course we will make 1 when its like after 500 years!Because a pokeball is just a capsule shaped like a ball.

Can you replace a Pokémon's pokeball?

Nope, the Pokeball you use is the Pokeball it stays in.

How do you make a real sized pokeball that's not electronic or is foam or a tennis ball?

You could try paper mache.

Where can you buy a pokeball in real life?

hey this is leon here with a answer well ether go to best buy or target