Is Video games harmful

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some are and some are not depending on what u are playing and with who like Resident evil with your sister that's 5 yrs old. That might harm them so be careful wht you play and with whom.

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Q: Is Video games harmful
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Are video games harmful to the heart?


how video games are harmful for health?

**_Depends .... If you limit your time then you will be fine , if not according to Google video games can lead to seizures and drowsiness . Yw

Is playing to many video games harmful?

Yes, It can be harmful to your eyes. Your eyes may hurt, start to water, or even be a little bit blurry.

Should children watch tv and play video games all day what does expert say?

There is no harm to your child from watching tv and playing video games. It is good to exercise but it could be harmful to the child to take them out of their comfort zone.

Does Denmark have video games?

Yes, Denmark has video games. A lot of video games.

Which is the best rebuttal to the following counterclaim Playing video games can be beneficial to youth because it enhances their hand and eye coordination sharpens their reflexes and keeps them out o?

Playing video games can be harmful because it deprives kids of healthful exercise they would normally get by playing outdoors.

What makes more money -Holly wood movies or video games?

Video Games

What is the collective noun for games?

It's a compendium of games.

What do video game designer's contribute to the communities?

Well if you have a job that you get paid for doing and you pay your taxes, then that helps the community with it's budget. Other than that video games are part of a kid's childhood, and contribute to the sense of humor and taste for entertainment that a child develops. So you could say that video games can help children/youths learn about themselves and about their taste. Of course this doesn't apply to all kinds of games. Violent games can be harmful for young kids, but that's the responsibility of the parents and not the video game developers.

Where were video games discovered?

Video games were not discovered they were invented.

Is bigfoot in any video games?

No, there are no Bigfoot video games.

Does Australia have video games?

Australia indeed has video games.