Is Tyranitar a legendary Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, but is a pseudo legendary pokemon.

flurry pengu: oh i thought was at least rare! but it is!

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Q: Is Tyranitar a legendary Pokemon
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Is Tyranitar a normal Pokemon?

Yes, it's a normal Pokemon because it isn't a legendary.

Which top six Pokemon have the highest total stats and are not legendary?

you probably know that legendaries are the best Pokemon, but here's a list of the top 6 non-legendary Pokemon (by stats) Slaking Dragonite Tyranitar Salamance Metagross Slowpoke i don't agree i check what Pokemon have the greatest stats Raichu Dragonite Tyranitar Milotic Lucario Starraptor

What is the non legendary strongest Pokemon?

Kanto: Dragonite Johto: Tyranitar Hoenn: Salamence Sinnoh: Garchomp Unova: Haxorus or Hydregion

In Pokemon Colosseum can Tyranitar evolve?

Tyranitar is a shadow pokemon, and it's level 55.

Which Pokemon is better Garchomp or Tyranitar both level 60?


Should you put Tyranitar or shaymin in your diamond team?

well definetly tyranitar because although shaymin is a legendary it is a bit weak but if your tyranitar is a higher level than yeah definetlly put your tyranitar on your team.

What all moves does Tyranitar have in the Pokemon Cartoon only?

Vicious's Tyranitar uses hyper beam in Pokemon 4Ever.

Can you get a black Tyranitar in Pokemon?

No, unfortunately the Black Tyranitar only appears in the manga.

What is the best pokemon on firered?

It all depends on how you raise it. There really isn't a such thing as the strongest Pokemon, it depends on its moves, level, stats, and how it was raised.

What are all the pre-legendary Pokemon?

dragonite, dragonair, dratini, tyranitar, pupitar, larvitar, metagross, metang, beldum, garchomp, gabite, gible, hydregion, zwelious and deino

Who are the 5 pseudo legendary Pokemon?

Dragonite (Dragon, Flying)Tyranitar (Dark, Rock)Salamence (Dragon, Flying)Metagross (Steel, Psychic)Garchomp (Dragon, Ground)This are the 5 pseudo legendary pokemon. ( All their stats are 600, although Slaking has more stat points, it only has one type, which means it did not qualify to be a pseudo legendary pokemon, which needs to have two attributes.)

What Pokemon base status is higher than Arcanine?

Every legendary Pokémon in the games Every Pseduo legendary (Dragonite Tyranitar Salamence Garchomp Hydreigon Metagross Goodra) Along with Slaking the strongest non-legendary Pokémon Arcanines base stat total is 555