Is RuneScape on Playstation 2

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No Runescape is an internet MMORPG. It is only playable on the PC/Mac.

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Q: Is RuneScape on Playstation 2
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Is RuneScape on PlayStation 3?

No it is not. RuneScape is an online role-playing game that offers both pay-to-play and free-to-play options.

Can you play RuneScape on a playstation3?

No. The PlayStation 3 is NOT for internet use. Only disks.

How do you get Runescape 2?

Runescape is Runescape 2, there is Runescape Classic (RSC) and Runescape 2 (RS2). Although Runescape Classic can now only be played by players who joined before Runescape 2 was released.

Is it illegal to hack into things such as playstation network runescape or YouTube?

Yes, that's illegal.

Will there be a RuneScape for xbox or ps3?

There have been talks about putting RuneScape into other gaming consoles, such as (what you asked) xBox and PlayStation 3, but it is not confirmed yet with Jagex.

Can you play a PlayStation 2 game on PlayStation?

No, but you can play PlayStation games on a PlayStation 2.

Is there a runescape 2?

There is currently a Runescape 2 and it is a popular MMORPG. You can play it at the website It is a F2P (Free to play) and P2P (Pay to play). There was originally Runescape 2, but they renamed runescape 1 "Runescape Classic" and named runescape 2 just "runescape". Runescape classic is runescape 1. Runescape is runescape 2, but they dont call it 2, well most people dont, they just call it runescape. Ricco119

Which is more fun RuneScape or PlayStation three?

Depends on what you like, I'd say that PS3 would have a more wide varity of games. But RuneScape is sometimes interesting.

Is there such thing as Runescape 2?

yes, runescape 2 is the neww runescape created in 2003, runescape was created in 2001.

Can a person play playstation 2 games on playstation?

Yes a person can play playstation games on a playstation 2 .i have a playstation 2 and i can play ps 1 games on it.

Can you play PlayStation 2 games on the original PlayStation?

No. PlayStation 2 games are not backwards-compatible with the original PlayStation.

What is the brand of PlayStation 2?

The original playstation, playstation 2, and even the playstation 3 were all made by SONY.