Is PlayStation a toy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well you do play it, but most would call it more than a toy because it also is a Blu Ray Player and has a number of other features besides a game console

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Q: Is PlayStation a toy
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What was the best selling toy in 1998?

it was probably the playstation

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Can you select to be Zurg in Toy Story toy box mode?

Only in the PlayStation 3 version of Toy Story 3

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Will an eye toy work on a Playstation 3?

yes it will or mine did if not go to an expert.okay?:)

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Probably a playstation game or xbox its not a toy but thats what most teen boys want!

How do you get Zurg on PlayStation 3?

you have to buy him from the al's toy barn chicken in woody's roundup

Can you play Toy Story 3 on the PlayStation 2?

you can it's just a game but if it has got a ps3 on the top right hand corner it's only for a playstation 3

Does the PlayStation eye work on PSP?

The PlayStation eye is not one of the accessories listed for the PSP at the PlayStation Network knowledge center. The PlayStation eye is listed as an accessory for the PS3. The Eye Toy is listed as an accessory for the PS2. The knowledge center has been added as a link under related links.

How much is the Littlebigplanet 2 Toy Story 2 costume pack at the PlayStation store?

The pack is $5.99 at the Playstation Store and includes Woody Jessie Stinky Pete and Emperor Zurg