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For Legendary cars buy them from the Burnout store, PlayStation store, or the X-Box Live Marketplace

But for Toy Legendary cars, do the following:

First you buy and download Big Surf Island. Then you do the following to unlock the toy legendary cars:

Toy 88 Special: Smash all 45 Island billboards

Toy Manhattan Spirit: Find all 75 Island smash gates

Toy Bootlegger: Find all 15 Island Mega Jumps

Toy GT Nighthawk: Set a Time and Showtime (Press R1 and L1 at the same time) on all the


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Q: Download burnout paradise legendary cars collection?
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Where to download burnout paradise for PSP?

it is not on the psp

What was the game before burnout paradise?

Burnout dominator came out before burnout paradise. Burnout revenge was later recreated, but was not the last burnout game before burnout paradise.

How do you get bikes on burnout paradise on the 360?

Download the update for bikes, then simply select "paradise bikes" when you start the game.

When did Burnout Paradise happen?

Burnout Paradise happened in 360.

Is there a toy bike in burnout paradise?

yes there are toy bikes for burnout paradise

When was Burnout Paradise created?

Burnout Paradise was created on 2008-01-22.

How do you drive a limo in burnout paradise?

I don't think there are any limos in burnout paradise.

How do you get the GT concept in burnout paradise?

Get your Burnout License

Can Burnout Paradise be played Splitscreen?

you have to download the burnout paradise party DLC for 800 points to play locally. You can play pass-the-pad, but you cant play Splitscreen.

What systems does the game Burnout Paradise play on?

You can play Burnout Paradise on XBox 360, PS3, or PC.

How do you get bikes in burnout paradise?

It's a free update that requires the internet to get, or Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box.

Which game came out first burnout paradise or burnout revenge?

burnout revenge came out first