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You can buy all burnout games for ps2 besides paradise and legends. Here is a list of all the ones you can buy;


-burnout 2: point of impact

-Burnout 3: takedown

-Burnout 4: revenge

-Burnout 5: dominator

Burnout legends is for psp, and paradise is for xbox, ps3 and pc.

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Q: How many burnout games were made on ps2?
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What is a PS2 game starting with b?

Burnout Burnout 2 Burnout 3 Buzz series

Is burnout 3 takedown for ps3?

I think the only burnout game you can get for psp is burnout legends

What driving games are there for PS2 or PC with working indicators?

The games I can remember are: need for speed (some parts), burnout revenge and GT4(Gran Turismo 4).

How do you do a burnout in NFS Undercover for PS2?

usually handbrake and gas.

Is there any bleach games for PS2?

Japanese games have been made for the PS2

How do you unlock new tracks on burnout 3 ps2?

you have to need the cheat engine to unlock new tracks on burnout 3

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It is just as cool as the one for the PS2

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you can not ps2 is made by sony ds are made by Nintendo

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PS2 games can not be made to play on a PS3 that does not already play PS2 games

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No you cannot play gamecube games on a PS2 that's because the PS2 is made from a different company.

How many ps2 games are there?

There is 5000 games in ps2 console and they are still making games

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No, Xbox is made by Microsoft, while the PS2 was made by Sony.