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The first 80gb they made (with 4 usb ports) has software based PS2 emulation and plays most PS2 games. It is no longer made however, all new PS3s are not backwards compatible with PS2 games.

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Q: Which ps3 console will play ps2 games with the most gb?
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Can you play PS1 and PS3 games in a PS2 console?

You can not play PS3 games on a PS2 console

Can you play burned pal ps2 games on pal ps2 console?

No the PS2 does not play burned games

Can eduational games be played on the PS2?

If there PS2 educational games. The PS2 will not play games not designed specifically for the PS2 console

Can you play xbox games on a ps2 console?


Can an you play PS2 games on a PS1 console machine?

No, the PlayStation 1 cannot play PS2 games

Can you play PS3 games on your PS2 console?

Most likely no because they are newer games on an older system.

Can you play American PS2 games on a English PS2 console?

No. It has the wrong coding.

Can you play ps3 games on the ps2 console?

no the games are not forward compatible

Can you play American PS2 games on a European PS2 console?

your console can play NZ, AUS and UK but NOT American... i found this out when i bought American games you need a NTSC console or an American console or a mod chip to do this if you dont have one of those you cant play American games

How can you get your US PS2 console to play japanese PS2 games?

They are a different region and Pal

How can you get English PS2 games to play on your Japanese PS2 console?

Can you play PS3 games on ps2 console?

No the PS2 can not read the PS3 Game Discs