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if you bought games in Germany or the ps2 in Germany of course they will still work sony is the only one who makes ps2's

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Q: Can you play German PS2 games on an American PS2 console?
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Can you play American PS2 games on a European PS2 console?

your console can play NZ, AUS and UK but NOT American... i found this out when i bought American games you need a NTSC console or an American console or a mod chip to do this if you dont have one of those you cant play American games

Can you play Xbox 360 games European version on an American Xbox 360 console?

yes but you cant play American games on a euro console ive tried

Can you play American PS3 games with a French PS3 console?

Yes if you have the American version of the game.

Can you play American PS2 games on a English PS2 console?

No. It has the wrong coding.

Can you Play English PS2 games on an American PS2 console?

yes because smackdown vs raw is American and i can play that on my ps2.

Can you buy American PS3 games and will the play on the PS3 in Ireland?

No, the American games will not play in Ireland if your using the Ireland consolle but if you purchase the American console and take it to Ireland it will easily play all the games that you purchased is America ( the American console will not play the games the you purchased in Ireland) If you have more questions message me.

Can you play American PSP games on a Australian PSP console?

As far as I know yes.

How do you play xbox games on a playstation 2 console?

You don't. Games are designed for a console and do not play on a different console

Will a German Wii play American games?

no it wont , but you can get it chipped then it will

Will American PS3 play German PS3 games?

no it will not

Can a british ps3 console play American games?

of course! my dad has a British ps3 and he can play the American version of little big planet

Can you play American PS3 games on a Asian PS3?

I am 90% sure you can because i am living in England (European PS3) and to save moey i bought a few games from America so if you can play American games on a European console i am sure you can play an American game on an Asian console. I think it is the same concept as PSP games which are UMDs (Universal Media Disk).