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Actually we can't really tell from it, but I'm sure pikachu's a boy.

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Q: Is Pickachu in Pokemon a boy or girl?
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Is pickachu a boy or a girl?

Pikachu can be either a boy or a girl however Ash's Pikachu in the TV series is a boy.

Where is Pickachu in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pickachu in Pokemone Platinum is in the Trophy Garden.

In Pokemon gold who is in Ashs Pokemon party?


Where do you catch a pickachu?

In Pokemon Soulsilver you catch pickachu in the Viridian Forest during the day.

How do you get pickachu in Pokemon White?


What Pokemon get alone in the daycare in Pokemon white 2?


Where is pickachu in Pokemon emerald?

in the safari zone

What Pokemon movie was pickachu in?

Well ALL of them.

Is Pokemon Yellow the game real?

yes. Pokemon yellow is the special pickachu edition. instead of starting out with bulbasuar,squrtle or charmander, u start out with pickachu.

Where can you catch a pickachu in Pokemon pearl?

Trophy garden

How do you evolve pickachu into mew in Pokemon diamond?

you cant

What Pokemon evolve from a thunder stone in Pokemon fire red?

pickachu evee