Is PSN back up yet

Updated: 4/28/2022
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nope should be back tomorrow (may 4th)

They said they would start bringing the network up this week and the best information available will come from the related Sony Link

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Q: Is PSN back up yet
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Are Japan psn servers back up and running?

No the PSN is down world wide

Is psn up yet?

No it will begin to be back in service the 1st week of May 2011 starting by regional areas. see related question

When will PSN go back up?

Supposed to have some services back up I.e. psn on may 3rd but we will see see related link or question

When is PlayStation coming back up?

psn will be back up never for people in California. Jk it should be back up

Is the psn still down?

Yes, though PlayStation says they will have it back up very soon

When will psn be back up and running For People in Guam?

Services are to start coming back up by regional area this 1st week in May 2011

When will the Playstation Network or PSN be up and running?

It was only down for about 6 weeks and came back up in early June 2011

How do you connect to psn with psp go?

you need to have internet to do that then you sign up for psn and your there

When will psn be back up in California?

They said this week and I believe north America will come up as a region and not state by state The only good information will cone from Sony PSN Like the related link that also has the latest postings

When will psn be on for Australia?

The Playstation Network was down during April -Jun 2011 and is now back up worldwide

When Is Psn going to be back up after April 20 2011 shutdown?

They do not know when the network will be back up. The related question will try to have the latest available information and the source with links

When Is Psn going tobe back up?

The PSN Team is working around the clock to get PSN up and running once again. Hopefully soon.The PlayStation network was shutdown on April 20 2011. While they are working to get it back up 24 hours a day it is not known when it will be back up again. The related question has the most current information on this problem including links to the information sources. It will be updated as new information becomes available.The best information available will come from newest posts at the related linkSee related question