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the time psn will be back on is not known and not predictable, the network needs critical security repairs

Sony indicated services are ready to begin coming on by regional area the 1st week of May 2011

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Q: How long is the psn maintenance for April 24 2011?
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What is wrong with psn after April 20 2011 shutdown?

It is currently undergoing maintenance at the moment The related question will have the latest information as the network is protected from additional attacks

Why did psn go down in 2012?

I dont believe it did it may have been maintenance but there was hackers i think in 2011

Is the psn up for maintenance?

No I was just on it

When will the PlayStation 3 Psn come back on?

The PlayStation Store came back on June 2 2011 and was the last part of the PSN to come back online after the April 20 2011 shutdown

When will psn be on for Australia?

The Playstation Network was down during April -Jun 2011 and is now back up worldwide

Why is psn down?

The PlayStation Network (also known as PSN) was shut down by Sony on April 20, 2011 due to an "external intrusion" that may have put users personal information at risk. At first, it was planned to remain under maintenance for 2 days, but has been delayed according to Sony.The people behind this was the internet hacktivist group Anonymous.

How long does psn maintenance usually last for?

Normally an hour or two, but when Sony was hacked it took 3 weeks to get back up.

What year was the playstation network down for a month?

The PSN had a security breach in 2011. The downtime started on April 20th, and ended as PSN access was restored on a region by region basis starting from May 15th.

How long wil psn be under maintenance?

You can find the answer at the Playstation Knowledge center whenever they are down. On January 18 2013 they will be back up at 5 PM EST

Does the Playstation3 'slim' come with the game 'LittleBigPlanet'?

No it was available for free download with the customer appreciation program for the individuals that could not access the PSN during April and May 2011

What are the Internet problems on your ps3?

I use a wired connection with a ethernet cable to my router and do not ever have problems except when the PSN was shut down a month in April/May 2011

Why is your ps3 not signing into psn?

It is not signing you in because PSN is undergoing Maintenance. This means they are trying to get rid off hackers from PSN. It is a likely chance that this will happen to you when you get a brand new PS3, but its will do it for about 1 day max. It will not just happen to you, it happens to everyone.