Is Nintendo better than Sega

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Everyone has their own preferences. It's like the Android vs iOS of Mac vs PC thing. A company or product that survives isn't necessarily better. Think about VHS vs Betamax or Video 2000 (VHS survived and won, but was the worst of the three), or HD-DVD vs BluRay (HD-DVD was just as good, but failed commercially). Think about Sharp, who is a minor player, but makes the best LCD with their expensive Elite-series, and is known for making the most reliable tech. We perceive Sharp as a B-brand mostly, but in Japan, it's the brand with the national pride like Philips is in the Netherlands. Philips however doesn't have any real competition in the Netherlands, while Sharp does in Japan.

Lot's of great, innovative companies and product failed compared to inferior ones. So the corporate success isn't a proper measuring staff, unless you're talking about corporate survival. Not corporate success, because one can also talk about image, innovation, several subjective variables, etc.

In the 80s and 90s, Sega kids had as much pleasure from their consoles as the Nintendo kids did, and lot's of kids thought their system was the best, which was also the reason why they got it (or asked for it). The Dreamcast basically failed commercially, but is recognized as the greatest system from that generation by many.

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Q: Is Nintendo better than Sega
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Which company is better Sega or Nintendo?

Nintendo because they've always made more money and games. Then Sega ended up making games for Nintendo.

Who is the better company - Nintendo or Sega?

Reasons why Nintendo is better company: 1. SEGA only designs games now, Nintendo still makes both consoles and games. 2. Nintendo was founded in 1889 and had business experience. When SEGA released the master system, they were 25-30 years old. Nintendo was 100. 3. SEGA ended up getting kicked out of the console business and went to work for their former enemy.

Who makes better games in your opinion Nintendo or Sega?

Nintendo any day. well, just in my opinion.

Is the sega genesis more powerful than the super Nintendo?

No the super nintendo is more powerful.

Who got it right?

Nintendo got it right, not Sega

Is Sonic from Nintendo or Sega?

Sonic is a Sega creation and was for a long time the major rival for Nintendo's Mario.

Did Nintendo buy sega?


What game system was first Nintendo or Sega?

Surprisingly Nintendo

Who is a former Nintendo rival?


Why does Sega hate Nintendo?

Sega doesn't hate Nintendo, but, in the 80s-90s, they did have a little rivalry, and people have to choose between which console to buy, Nintendo's console, or Sega's console. Now, Nintendo has let Sega use Mario and many other Mario characters in a few different Mario and Sonic Olympic crossovers.

Is the Nintendo nes or Sega genisis?

people commonly refer to the "Nintendo Entertainment System", Nintendo's first video game system as the NES. The Sega Genesis was Sega's second video game system (second outside of Japan anyway) following the Sega Master System.

Is the super nintendo better than the sega mega drive?

Mega drive is better in many ways. The design is awesome, has a headphone jack, and you can plug a sega cd or 32x in it and play cd and 32x games. Even the controller is better. It is small and has a nice grip. The cartrages are smaller and can fit in somebodys hand. You even get better graphics!