Is Goku and vegta cousins

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no their not related in any way, but they are both sayians

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Q: Is Goku and vegta cousins
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Who is older Goku or vegta?


Can vegeta kill Goku?

no he cant goku can destroy vegta<---- fail.

Who were those monkey people on Dragonball GT?

goku and vegta

What are thee names of goku's two sons?

There are only two. Gohan and Goten. You may be thinking of Gogeta, which is Goku and Vegta when they use the fusion technique

What is gogeta fused by?

it is normal fusion but goku and vegta power level must be the same and you cant be super sayin

Is goku and vegeta cousins?

no he's not

How did vegta turn into magin vegta?

he doesn`t

Are Goku and vegeta cousins?

The show never really said but it is doubtful that they are.

Who is the most powerful enemy in the dragonballz series?

actually VEGTA

Is vegta in Super Smash Flash 2 demo 0.8a?


What episode of Dragon Ball Z does Vegta die in?

Dragonball Z Episode 71

Was that goku spirit that goku jr seen or was that really goku?

normal goku.