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normal goku.

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Q: Was that goku spirit that goku jr seen or was that really goku?
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Is Goku Jr. Goku's reincarnation?

What? No! Goku died twice, each one was in DBZ. Goku jr made his anime debut in a DBGT Movie, Goku Jr. was seen in front of Goku. Goku Jr. is Goku's great-great-grandson. His grandmother is Pan.

Is it true that goku and shenron merge at the end of gt making him immortal?

at the end of gt, goku does merge with shenron. he seems to be immortal because 100 years later when goku jr and vegeta jr are in the world martial arts tournament goku is seen as a man again. the very last scene goku flys in the air waving goodbye. he must never have really died.

What episode kid vegeta fight?

If you are talking about Vegeta as a kid, I have seen him fight in the movie-Bardock-the Father of Goku (if i remember correctly). If you are talking about Vegeta Jr. (the great-grandson of vegeta), he is seen fighting Goku Jr. in the last episode of Draghon Ball GT.

Why don't Goku Jr and Goku meet at the end of the last DragonBall GT episode?

Goku and Goku Jr. meet in the DragonBall GT movie, "A Hero's Legacy."

Why Goku Jr grandmother pan?

Because Pan's child is Goku Jr.'s parent.

Who is Goku jr?

goku jr. is the grandson of Pan he appers in the last episode of dragonball gt.

Is gokujr Goku as a kid?

No, Goku Jr is Goku's great-great-grandson.

Is goku a grandpa?

because she has a grandson called goku jr

Why goku jr and vegeta jr can't be in dragonball games?

because kid goku and kid vegeta took there place

Will goku jr and vegeta jr will be in raging blast 2?

maybe it will have z and gt characters and goku and vegeta jr are from the gt movie so maybe

Who are Goku Jr.'s parents?

obviously Patrick burlace and tony louros. In the DragonballGT movie, it is unknown who Goku jr's parents were nor what happened to them. It is only known that he is Pan's only grandson, which makes Goku his great-great-grandpa. I think goku jr is the son of goten and vegeta jr is the son of bra of trunks

How old is Goku Jr?

i believe that he's around kid goku's age which is 13