Is Garchomp or Lucario better

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Garchomp is what people call Pseudo-legendary. This basically means that it's stronger than most other pokémon. There are only 6 Pseudo-Legendary pokémon in the series and Garchomp is one of them. It's base stats are therefore much better than Lucario's. But it's all a question of personal preference, I prefer using Lucario because of it's above average Special Attack but there's no doubt Garchomp is the stronger of the two.

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Q: Is Garchomp or Lucario better
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Which Pokemon is better for e4 staraptor Heracross mismagius Spiritomb gyrados Garchomp Gengar Lucario luxray weaville or rampardos?

I think Lucario.

What pokemon does champion Cynthia have?

diamond and pearl spirttomb garchomp roserade gastrodon milotic and lucario platinum spirttomb garchomp roserade lucario milotic and togekiss

What Pokemon does Cynthia have on platinum?

Cynthia has a Garchomp, Spiritomb, Milotic, Lucario, Roserade, and a Togekiss. Her Pokemon are mostly around level 60-73. Thanks If That Helps!

How do you get Palkia in Pokemon Rumble?

release a Blastoise, Gyarados, Dragonite, Empoleon, and Garchomp and a Dragonite, Bastiodon, Lucario, Garchomp, and Magnezone for dialga

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Cynthia has: Spiritomb Lucario Garchomp Togekiss Milotic roserade

What Pokemon does the champion use in diamond?

Spiritomb Milotic Lucario Roserade Garchomp Gastrodon

What are cinthiea's Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Spiritomb Togekiss Lucario Garchomp Roserade Milotic

Help with my Pokemon team its torterra luxray staraptor Gyarados Garchomp and Lucario if i want 2 put a magmortar in it which pkmn do i take out and tell me a better dragon pkmn and no legendaries?

It will be......... luxary or staraptor... and a strongest non legendary dragon Pokemon in sinnoh is Garchomp!!!!

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electrive because venasaur and gengar are part poison, and electrive has better moveset.

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milotic, lucario, garchomp, and i dont quit know the others.

Is this a good Pokemon pearl team-Lucario Garchomp Glaceon Honckcrow Typhlosion Dragonite?


What is better garchomp or sandslash?