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No. He's waiting at his gym, like he should, I think.

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Q: Is Brock in diglett cave in Pokemon soul silver?
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Where is brock in Pokemon Soul Silver?

At his gym. Sometimes at Diglett cave after you've beaten him.

Where is brock in soul silver?

At his gym. Sometimes at Diglett cave after you've beaten him.

Where is Brock hiding in soul silver?

Brock is at the entrance to Diglett Cave (the Pewter City entrance) on any day from one to three in the afternoon. He is not actually 'hiding', but just exploring the Diglett Cave.

Where is a Snorlax in Pokemon Silver?

in front of diglett cave

In Pokemon soul silver how do you get to pewter city to battle the leader brock?

Go through diglett cave by vermillion city, and if you have problems with the snorlax, message me.

How do you get brock's phone number in heartgold?

In the late afternoon or evening (about 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) on Saturdays, Brock will be in the Diglett Cave. Visit him in that time in the Diglett Cave to get his phone number.

Where is diglets cave in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokemon Silver, Diglett's Cave is east of Vermillion City. It can also be found north of the exit of Viridian Forest, but only if you have HM 01, Cut.

What Pokemon are in diglett's cave in FireRed?

Digletts are the only Pokemon in Diglett's cave but they appear so often that when you take your first step into the cave that there is a 7 out of nine chance a Diglett will appear

How do you get to peweter city in Pokemon soul silver?

You wake up Snorlax and go through Diglett's Cave.

How do you get to Diglett's Cave in Pokemon Crystal?

Well, to go to Diglett's Cave, you have to Vermillion City in the Kanto Region.

Where is mole in Pokemon?

Diglett and Dugtrio, the Mole Pokemon, are located in Diglett Cave to the east of Vermillion City.

Where do you get dugdrio in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Diglett cave