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Sally isn't in Sonic X

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Q: In what episode of sonic x does sally kiss sonic?
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In which episode of sonic X sonic kiss cream?


What episode of sonic x did Amy kiss sonic on the cheek?

She didn't.

What episode of what does sonic kiss Amy?

sonic has never kissed Amy in his life. but, there are plenty of episodes in witch sonic and sally kiss. sonic really loved sally, but apparently, he is still trying to make up his mind about Amy. oh, and in one sonic x episode, he did give Amy a rose. ( a pink rose !) and to me, that stands for something.

Which episode did sonic and Amy kiss on?

They kissed in sonic X episode 9 but you don't realy get to see it

What episode of Sonic x in Japanese did Sonic and Amy kiss?

There aren't any episodes where Amy and Sonic kissed.

What episode of sonic x did cream kiss tails in?

well,they kissed in season 4 in episode 17.cosmo asked tails if he want a kiss and he said yes.season 4 its real and you can she the kiss.

Which episode did shadow and rouge kiss in sonic x?

never in my memory or sight

What part of Sonic x do Sonic and Amy kiss?

I never played sonic x but you can tell that sonic does NOT like Amy so its kind of impossible that they do kiss

What episode do sonic and Amy kiss in Japanese version in sonic x?

I don't know too much about it that's actually most likely what I'm tryng to find out. People usually say they do in the last episode of Sonic X ( Japanese Version) but I didn't see anything.

Does Amy like knuckles?

yes a little but not a lot she like sonic more but on sonic x ep 108 she likes knuckles but he has a crush on her and he kissed her HE DOES??????????? Do not believe this. I have watched all of Sonic X, and not one episode does he kiss her. He might of liked her in the beginning, but at the mids to ends he likes Rouge. They flirt on and off.

What episode did sonic and tails meet?

in sonic x you can find it write sonic x episode 18.

What episode does Sonic cry?

Sonic cries in Sonic X episode 52.