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The flirting / cheating has to be done when you are out in the town or when your partner is at work.

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Q: In the sims 3 how can you cheat on your spouse without them noticing like just flirting?
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Why do people who enjoy cheating end up regretting being caught having known this in the first place?

This answer can only be used for SOME people but I know that sometimes people do not think about it before they do it and can sometimes be upset or feel stressed resulting in unrational thinking leading to cheating. Cheating can hurt someone really badly but most of the time it is due to not thinking straight or doing it without noticing. I know it can seem hard to understand how they can cheat without noticing but it is kind of like having a crush on someone while you are going out with a person and flirting with them. Try asking the person who and why they did it.

What is adultey or divorce?

Adultery is when you cheat on your spouse and divorce is when you end the marriage from your spouse.

How do you stop flirting with girls?

Pick one and treat her right. Don't cheat.

Do men cheat with women similar to spouse?

Usually not. It's usually with someone who is not like his spouse.

Can you blame a wife for walking away if the spouse never kept his words to not cheat again?

No, no one could really blame a wife for walking away if the spouse never kept his words to not cheat again.

Name something people cheat on?

They can cheat on... A test, quiz, or exam a diet a boyfriend or girlfriend a spouse in a game measurement's?

Term for cheating on a spouse?

cheating ANSWER: what about Adultery and Adulteress

Is there a cheat for getting a boyfriend without doing all the romantic stuff on the Sims 3 for PC?

You can put in the 'testingcheatsenabled true' cheat and then drag the relationship bar up on the sim you want to be your boyfriend, and then when the relationship between them is on 100 you can ask them to go steady after flirting a couple of times. Hope this helped :)

Will my boss cheat on fiancee as he keeps flirting with me?

Sometimes a flirt is just a flirt; and if he did cheat would you want him? Ignoring the issues of sexual harrassment and liasions in the workplace, and the problems that will happen when the relationship ends, If he cheats on her he will probably cheat on you.

How do you be Gary on club penguin without cheat?

You can't be Gary without cheat

What's the use of getting married if one spouse will cheat one day?

How do you know that one spouse will cheat one day? Not all marriages are full of infidelity. Some marriages last 50+ years and neither spouse was ever unfaithful. Have faith & trust in your partner until he/she gives you a reason not to.

Is there such thing as an innocent spouse?

"Yes. I believe in an innocent spouse. I do agree there are some in relationships that do not cheat and abuse their spouse. They should be commended for doing so. I know it's hard to believe, but to believe is to conquer."