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not without a cheat code

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Q: Can you get a TM that you already got again?
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On Pokemon Sapphire ive already got the TM dig from the fossil manics house how can you get it again?

you can go to some shops when you advance in game and buy it

Can you get a TM again in Pokemon?

Yes. If you purchase or find a TM you have gotten before. ~KKMG1

When Sceptile learn solar beam in emerald?

Catch Groudon, a level 70 Legendary Pokemon... It already got a Solar Beam before and after you catch it...

Were to get dig on Pokemon?

You cant. You have to get the TM or get a Pokemon from a trade with it already learned.

If you use a TM can you get it again?

only if you buy it or use action replay.

What do you do wuth the machine part in Pokemon HeartGold?

well if you already have the machine part from one of the inner tubes in the gym go to the power plant again and talk to the manager and he'll thank you and give you a Tm

How to get the TM hypnosis in Pokemon ruby?

Hypnosis is not a TM which is why you can't find it. There are some Pokemon who are able to learn it through leveling or who already have it. That's the only way to get it.

What are the best TM's to give to Rayquaza?

i think that hyper beam is a pretty good TM to give rayquaza. and keep outrage if you hav'NT already deleted that move.

How do you go back to virdiant city from cerulian city in Pokemon leaf green?

You can't un till you have got either the fly TM or the surf TM.

Why does the Fossil Maniacs brother not give you the Tm Dig?

The little jerk wants you to suffer. or you already have it.

Where do you get the TM thief in Pokemon platinum if you already used it?

near eterna city team galatic building

Will Teddy Duncan date Spencer ever again?

Ask the Magic 8-Ball (TM).