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you should use your master ball on anything that's rare (not like a shiny)

you could use it on lugia, or you could just use hypnosis or somethin then use some ultra balls. if u have the arceus from the movie, do the event and use the master ball

on either dialga, palkia, or giratina ( depends on what you choose)

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Q: In soul silver which Pokemon should you use your masterball?
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Where can you buy a master ball in soul silver?

you can only get one masterball in every Pokemon game

In Pokemon soul silver do you need to use a master ball to catch moltres?

No. You should use your masterball on a wandering legend like Raikou, Entei, or Latias.

Where do you find a masterball in Pokemon soul silver?

After blackthorn gym professor elm will give you a call saying he has something for you

Should you get Pokemon Soul Silver?

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

Can you get more than one masterball in soul silver?


What is the best pokeball in Soul Silver?

Masterball :P with the number of seven

Can you only ger one masterball in Pokemon soul silver?

Unless you literally win the lottery in the goldenrod radio tower, then yes, you only get one.

How do you make a pokeball a masterball Pokemon soul silver?

you have to give Kurt a red apricorn next a black one the a white then a pink and he gives a gift of which you swap with mr Pokemon for a master ball

Can you get all the johto Pokemon in Pokemon soul silver?

You should be able too by trading Pokemon.

How should you compare Pokemon SoulSilver to Pokemon silver?

Well there basicly the same only soul silver is new

What level should your Pokemon be at the first gym of Pokemon soul silver?

the answer is level 20

How do you get a masterball without beating all 8 gyms in soul silver?

i heard if you win the poke lotto and get first prize you receive a masterball