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Well..... you have to do the things that the speech says. click them and say get to know 5 or 4 times in the friendly part. Then go to romantic and say like any off the romantic stuff when the choce make out comes up do it then embrace and do all kinds of romatic stuff. ps the sim has to be the same age.

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Q: In sims living large how can the guy sim have the choice to propose to the girl sim?
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How do you propose in Harvest Moon DS?

You need the Blue Feather in order to propose. When you have that equip it in the tool slot, then stand next to the girl, use the Blue Feather like a tool to show it to the girl you want to propose to. She will only accept if you've completed all the marriage requirements.

How do you propose 2 another sim on sims 2 psp my sim is a girl?

you see the relationship bar down the bottem that has to be around 100 100 with a heart there when you talk to the sim there should be a little thing that says propose... click on that and then it should say MOVE IN GIVE PET or PROPOSE so yer click propose but if you wont the guy to propose you have to ask him to move in and then propose but if you wont to do things more fancy you can ask them out on a date to tea and when you both are sitting down it will say something like PROPOSE or SURPRISE PROPOSE

Harvest moon ds cute how do you get a girl with skye?

* Do you mean a girl child? To get a girl child, propose on an odd-numbered day. Make sure there aren't any festivals that will occur on the day you are to be married (the 7th day after you propose), else your ceremony will be moved to the following day and you'll get the opposite gender child you were trying for.

What if the girl you give the blue feather to on harvest moon tree of tranquility says no?

well do you have at least 8 hearts and did you do the request she asked you to do?if you did propose to her on a sunny day

How can you make a man sim propose to a girl sim in sims 2 psp?

It is very simple1. get a very strong relationship with the girl sim2. then after that you should be able to make out with the girl sim do that a couple of times.3. then ask her out on a date. if she says yes then try and get the date-o-meter to dream date. you can do that easily by doing every kind of kiss they have twice at least4. when the date is over click on the girl sim and you should be able to propose to her.P.S. i have one girl dating 9 different guys and 3 girls! do not try it it is hard!!!!! i have gotten slapped at least 15 times but i use a lot of cheats well good luck!

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What does it mean when you propose a girl and she says she need time?

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How can a boy propose to a girl in The sims?

they have to be in love. Then click on the girl while playing as the boy and choose "Propose" and then "Engagement".

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Don't propose then idiot

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It is recommended to not propose to a unknown girl. Getting to know someone prior to becoming engaged is a typically good idea.

A man who is American can propose a girl on phone before he has met?

A man who is American can propose to a girl on the phone before he has met her but it is very rare.

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