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Don't propose then idiot

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Q: How do you propose a girl if you don't know her on freshers day?
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How do you propose to a girl who u dont know much?

You dont

How the introduction should be given in freshers?

i dont know the answer?

How can you propose a girl if ido not know anything about her?

There is no way to propose if you don't know the girl and what is the point in proposing?

List of eee companies hiring freshers in this may chennai?

i dont know but i would love to know

There is a girl you like her you dont know she like you or not she chat you on orkut but still you didnt propose her how you com to know that she like mee?

Firstly to impress a girl improve your grammar and secondly if you got guts then be a man and propose her face to face . Good Luck ;)

How do you purpose a unknown girl?

You don't. You have to get to know her first.

How do you propose a unknown girl?

It is recommended to not propose to a unknown girl. Getting to know someone prior to becoming engaged is a typically good idea.

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She was a girl who I dont know of but I do know she is a girl.

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Do you like this girl?

how do i know who she is no i dont

What if i propose a girl and she says she likes me a lot but she does not know you well yet?

it just means she wants two get two know you better

How do you know the the girl have crush on you?